Pandemic and Music Or Crisis as an Opportunity

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Marina Kavtaradze


Overall displacement into virtual space due to a pandemic leads to the destruction of old models and when the battle in an undeclared war with Corona virus ends the world will no longer be the same as before. Corona virus tested and painfully affected the stability of all spheres of the country, including music industry. The fi eld of education could not escape it either, and entire educational system, especially, art, was thrown into the whirlpool of experiments.

The pandemic has shown the world that all are equal before the virus, regardless of origin or nationality. The problem of globalization, in its traditional sense, has also lost relevance. In the time of total distancing, music brings people closer than ever. Music is also a form of self-expression for people locked in homes during quarantine, music also helps in relationships. This is confirmed by the abundance of home video footages uploaded on the Internet, whether it is Italy, America, China or Georgia.

What have we lost and gained in the process and what has Corona taught us?

The challenges of Covid-19 have already become the basis for many changes, and not only in negative context, but also in terms of introducing new directions, creative processes, teaching methodology, and many other innovations.

New forms of musical creation have emerged:

1. New genres of academic music created with new
technologies, especially for the musicians transferred to the virtual space; 2. New folk examples dedicated to the Corona virus; 3. New forms of performance for large collectives, adapted for the performance in virtual, online space; 4. Concert without listeners;
5. Online competitions and festivals; 6. Free access to opera performances and concerts for Internet viewers.

The paper is an attempt to analyze the ongoing processes in today’s musical life,

focusing on the processes that occur during an epidemic. The study aims to identify the novelties originated under current crisis and regard these events as an ‘opportunity in the prism of crisis’. The paper presents the new music examples and forms
of music-making, originated in existing reality.


Pandemic and Music, COVID-19 and Music, Pandora
Published: Dec 20, 2021

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